Momo | A Minstrel’s Tale

Creative Mind | Dungeon Master | VO | AP Performer | Artist | Uplifter | Activist

Queer (she/they) | Indiginous (Chickasaw) | Japanese


Momo (she/they) is a veteran of the role-playing scene. Spending many years bringing stories to life, running campaigns for others, and organizing events has given them a love of the tabletop and role-playing community. They are a Queer Indigenous (Chickasaw)/Japanese person, a 3D printer wizard by day (Technical Support Supervisor), and a variety streamer by night (TTRPG, Video Games, Etc). Momo has an eclectic set of interests, skills, and experience, including 3D modeling, activism, video games, TTRPGs, voice-over & traveling. Due to a period of homelessness and much adversity in their life from a young age, they have not been able to pursue those passions that so interested them in their youth to the fullest, having to prioritize their stability instead. After many years of scraping and saving, they have reached a place to allow those creative desires to bloom, creating a successful stream with their friends with the goal of bringing positivity, inspiration, and uplifting many voices and stories to be told on their platform "A Minstrels Tale."

Let’s Collab!

♥ I am currently open & actively seeking opportunities to work with individuals in this space ♥

  • TTRPG Looking for a GM,Player or perhaps something else? Hit me up for TTRPG Collaborations, lets create a wonderful tale together!

  • Lets Play! FFXIV |Primal, Back4Blood, Stardew Valley, ACNH, It takes two, Baldurs Gate 3 & more!

  • Homebrew Collabs NPCs, BBEGs, Magic Items, One Shots & More!

  • Charity Streams & Events Together lets bring awareness to important causes & help a great cause

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